2009 Reunion Photo
Long Beach, CA

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Shipmates on the fantail of the Queen Mary following our memorial service
Front row (left to right): Harold Anderson, Russell Rosenberger, Chuck Terry, Jack Berman, Bill Cummins, Frank Kennedy, Larry Taylor

Second row (left to right): Chuck Paine, John Yost, J.C. Houghton, George Hopkins, Erick Nehls, Rob Womack

Third row (left to right): Martin Kokoska, Ron Lawrence, Joe Primock, Bob Meany, ???, Fred Ames, Norm Belanger, Larry Harford, Alden Olsen, Mike Perez, George Seal

Fourth row (left to right): Gerald Gjefle, Merle DeMartelaere, Floyd Stewart, Frank Cameron, Bob Hollister, Ray Muniain, ???, Cliff Toman, Frank LaManna

Fifth row (left to right): Bert Ladre, Mike Chapman, Dub Johnson, Ron Cobb, Robert Mertes, Hal Shaffer, Red Jarvis, Jon Miller, George Rakushin, Terry Baird

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