The commanding officers (Captains) of the Chiang Yang.

The Chin Yang's 13th skipper
Captain Dong Shaoming

First captain She Shijun Colonel (60.09.14-62.06.12)
Second captain Li Hang Colonel (62.06.12-62.11.06)
Third captain Hu Meiyu Colonel (62.11.06-64.04.12)
Fourth Captain the Jianglong Colonel (64.04.12-65.10.09)
Fifth Captain Colonel Wang Pu (65.10.09-67.05.15)
Sixth captain, Sun and dust Colonel (67.05.15-69.03.27)
Seventh captain Zhao Wupeng Colonel (69.03.27-70.10.06)
Eighth captain Zhu heavy Chinese Colonel (70.10.06-72.06.14)
Any of the ninth captain He Zhaobin Colonel (72.06.14-73.07.28)
Any 10 Captain Wu Junliang Colonel (73.07.28-74.08.01)
The eleventh any captain Zhuang Zejing Colonel (74.08.01-76.01.05)
Any 12 Captain Ning Colonel (76.01.05-77.04.30)
The thirteenth any captain Dong Shaoming Colonel (77.04.30-78.07.03)
Any 14 Captain Colonel YAO Jian-ming (78.07.03-79.10.05)
Any captain 15 Wangan Huai Colonel (79.10.05-80.12.31)
Any 16 Captain the Qi Bojun Colonel (80.12.31-82.07.02)
Seventeenth Captain to Wubao Rong Colonel (82.07.02-84.03.03)
Any captain 18 Pan Wei Chang Colonel (84.03.03-86.01.03)
Any captain of 19 Colonel Ouyang Taiwan and China, (86.01.03-87.06.19)
Twenty-any captain Chen Jianhua Lieutenant Colonel (87.06.19-88.07.16)