A. Battle Damage to Own Ship:

     (1) The damage received in the attack may be summarized as follows:
            (a) After deck house, including RCM equipment, 40mm mount #45,and Mark 49 director (#45)demolished.

            (b) 5"/38 caliber single mounts #3 and #4 seriously damaged.

            (c) Large hole in the main deck starboard from about frame 147 to frame 160, with bulkheads below that area ruptured.

            (d) Large hole in main deck along the centerline from about frame 148, to frame 155, with bulkheads below this ruptured, opening fuel tanks C-1-F and C-4-F.

            (e) Watertight doors in bulkhead 170 between compartments C-203-L and C-204-L blown out and bulkhead moderately buckled.

            (f) Compartments C-201-L,C-203-L and C-204-L flooded with fuel oil to a ldepth of about 3 feet.

            (g) Port main engine out of commission, and after engine room flooded with fuel oil to a depth of about 6 feet, covering all lower level auxiliary machinery.

            (h) One large and several small holes in after deaerating tank; tank displaced from mounting.

            (i) 75% of electric cable running aft of frame 148 damaged beyond repair.

      (2) Damage control - An effective condition AFIRM had been set about one minute before the attack, when the ship went to general quarters.

B. Battle Damage to Enemy Units:

      (1) The "Tojo", "Oscar", or "Zeke" which crashed into the ship was completely demolished, having been slightly set on fire just prior to the collision.

      (2) At 1818, destroyed one Japanese aircraft by 5" anti-aircraft gun fire.

      (3) At 1819, destroyed one Japanese aircraft by 5" anti-aircraft gun fire.