Roll Call at Okinawa

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 Memorial Services, honoring shipmates killed aboard the U.S.S. Mullany in action with the enemy on
 6 April 1945
 conducted by
Chaplain Davies,  U.S.N.R.
of the U.S.S. Mount McKinley

We are gathered together today to pay homage to those shipmates of ours who gave their lives aboard this vessel for their country in order that their loved ones, and ours, might enjoy peace in the years to come.   Each of us has lost true friends and loved shipmates as a result, but our great debt to them can best be repaid by "carrying on" where they left off.

No greater tribute can be paid to these shipmates than to say that each of them met his death in the line of duty defending his ship, and that each died a hero for his country.

Honor Roll

Killed in Action

B. M. Wood, Machinist, USNR
R .M. Jordan, S2c USNR
J. R. Brett, PhM2c USNR
C. Kirkpatrick, F2c, USN-I
W. R. Bond, GM1c, USN
J. Mesalam, S2c USNR
W. W. Burrow, GM2c, USNR
A. W. Nichols, Cox, USNR
L. W. Carow, GM3c, USN
R. R. Oates, EM3c, USNR
R. A. Casmero, S1c, USNR
B. T. O'Neill, F2c, USNR
H. E. Geiss, S1c (QM), USNR
O, D, Poling, S2c, USNR
J. T. Helms, F1c, USNR
J. P. Richie, S1c, USNR
D. J. Hess, SK2c, USNR
E. R. Riojas, Jr., S1c USNR
C. J. Holbrook, S1c, USNR
R. N. Sexton, S2c, USNR
K. D. House, FC2c, USNR

Missing in Action

V. F. Barker, S1c, USN
V. LaConte, F2c(BE), USNR
S. A. Bowerman, Cox, USNR
A. D. Palanza, F2c. USN
H. E. Coffman, F2c,(BE), USNR
J. P. Quinn, CEM USN
T. L. Farley, S2c, USNR
V. H. Torbet, MoMM3c, USNR
E. L. Kuligowski, S1c, USNR

Signed: Albert O. Momm
Commander, U. S. Navy

Okinawa graves
Kerama Retto 1945

The above photo was taken and supplied by:
Ltjg Quillen L. Fox, US Navy Retired, who received the Bronze Star Medal
for his heroic conduct in their battle to save the Mullany on April 6, 1945.