1. Performance of ordnance material was excellent. The ability of the 5" battery, after 3 of its 5 mounts were damaged, to obtain sufficient hits to bring down 2 enemy planes in quick succession, is considered outstanding.

2. Ammunition expended during this engagement was as follows:

AA firing against enemy aircraft, 6 April 1945.

5"/38 cal. AA Common Projectiles 73.
5"/38 Cal. AA Special Projectiles 53.
5"/38 Cal. Smokeless Powder 126.
40mm Heit 80.
40mm HeitSD 144.
20mm 250.

3. Fire discipline was very good. It is estimated that the 5" battery was back in full automatic control within 20 seconds after power was lost by the initial airplane hit.

4. Much benefit was again obtained from the frequent suicide dive bomber attacks simulated by friendly carrier-based fighters en route the area. This type of attack is well-simulated, and gunnery personnel realize the restrictions imposed by the rapid unexpected, and repeated attacks, and the seriousness of this type of attack.


1. The effectiveness of the two 12.7mm machine guns fired at this vessel by the attacking aircraft could not be determined, as no hits were made. There were no indications of a bomb being carried.